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Hey you! This is Yasmine you just clicked this link because you're amazing.


Here are simple easy to read ways you can reduce climate change or to better put it to save our species from extinction within the next 20 years lol

- Reduce or better yet eliminate your meat-eating habits 

Let me tell you WHY:

Because supply = Demand and the more cows we have and we have a LOT the more methane pollutes our air cuz those mofos fart (jk cows I love you)  that chemical pollutes and heats our air... If you're going to eat it try to only eat once a week be more self aware

-Know what to recycle or better yet consume less

Let me tell you WHY tho:

because I said so and bc we consume a lot of stuff and we can't get rid of it it ends up in landfills and gets burned (hence smoke going into the air and our oceans).

So get a reusable water bottle off amazon (like $8) and invest in a water filter system for your home it will also save you money cha-ching and less plastic water bottles because plastic takes forever to disintegrate and we need our oceans and forests to survive its the circle of life hello 

- Save water and don't waste food (or anything for that matter)

Take shorter showers, don't cook/take more than you can eat because again ends up in landfills + reduce the amount of energy in your life lifes hard enough as it is

- Turn off appliances you're not or passively using like

your laptop, TV, turn off the light when you leave the room, turn off the heater AC if you can help it..Basically it's all about LESS LESS LESS, get an LED lightbulb there $1 at home depot and will save you money it's a win-win thank me later.

- Use more Uber if you can help it 

WHY YASMINE? because less cars on the road less pollution if you're a saint in LA then please commence to ride a bike or take the bus but I'm going to be real here lol

And for those of you who are in the 1%..

- buy an electric car

- get solar panels 

- plant your own food

- get a thermostat for your home 

BASICALLY: become a minimalist as opposed to being a consumer... the best things in life are free remember that (friends, family, love, gf, bfs, the connections you make with other beings both 2 legged and 4, being out in nature, etc)

Whatever it is you're seeking you ain't going to find it in anything that money can buy.

So get back in touch with your caveman/cavewomen roots and be more in tune with nature brahhh because without it we can't breathe or survive its real its serious and IT is that deep. Peace :)

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